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Professor Robert Moffitt Coauthored a Report on Child Poverty

Professor Moffitt’s coauthored report on child poverty, commissioned by the US Congress, was released by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. Child Poverty Rate Could Be Cut in Half in Next Decade Following Proposals in New Expert Report A Roadmap to Reducing Child Poverty (2019)

JHU PhD student Shujaat Khan’s coauthored column featured in VoxEU

Household indebtedness did not weaken US monetary transmission post-crisis There is little evidence on whether deteriorating household balance sheets in advanced economies have made monetary policy less effective since the Global Crisis. Using US household-level data, this column shows that the responsiveness of household consumption to monetary policy has in fact diminished since the crisis, […]

The Department Welcomes New Faculty for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Yujung Hwang and Lixiong Li  will be joining the department for the 2019-2020 academic year. Yujung Hwang is an applied microeconomist with particular interests on culture, family, and immigration. Lixiong Li’s primary research interests are in econometric theory and industrial organization.

HCEO – 3 Questions with Robert Moffitt

Professor Robert Moffitt was interviewed by the Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group at University of Chicago. 3 Questions with Robert Moffitt

2018-2019 Ely Lecture Series November 12-15, 2018

Professor Orazio Attanasio (UCL) will deliver the 2018-2019 Richard Ely Distinguished Lecture Series entitled “Human Capital Creation in the Early Years in Developing Countries” on November 12-15.

JHU PhD student Julien Acalin’s column featured in VoxEu

Turning national growth-indexed bonds into European assets: A proposal to strengthen the euro area The idea of growth-indexed bonds has recently regained momentum in policy circles, but research has shown they are unlikely to substantially decrease the risk of a debt explosion in advanced economies if not issued through a large and coordinated mechanism. This […]

The Annual Health Econometrics Workshop was held on Sept. 28-29

The department of economics hosted the Annual Health Econometrics Workshop on Sept. 28-29. Recordings of the workshop sessions can be accessed below. September 28 morning session September 28 afternoon session September 29 session