The rigorous PhD economics program at Johns Hopkins is among the best in the nation. With its world-class faculty, individualized attention, and small classes, the doctoral program is the centerpiece of the Department of Economics. From financial analysis to applied research, students are well-prepared to be leaders in the field.

The department is dedicated to maintaining strong research and teaching cores in applied microeconomics, economic theory, macroeconomics, and econometrics. Faculty members are experts in their fields, and they are actively involved in thesis supervision and research seminars. The unique Hopkins difference is the direct interaction and one-on-one attention students receive from faculty. Such attention opens the door to myriad opportunities for students to conduct groundbreaking research, apply complex economic theories, and make educated financial analyses and predictions.

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Student Life

Graduate students enjoy a diverse social life outside of the department’s rigorous curriculum and their individual research interests. Faculty and students – from both inside and outside the department – have ample opportunities to spend time together socializing and discussing their studies. 

In addition to frequent student-planned happy hours, social outings, and local events, the Department of Economics and the JHU Graduate Representative Organization host many functions throughout the year.

  • At the beginning of the fall semester, the Department of Economics hosts a welcome dinner and party to encourage new students to meet their peers, older students, and faculty.
  • The department throws an annual holiday party immediately following completion of the first term, as well as an end-of-year barbecue to celebrate the completion of the spring semester.
  • Following many seminars and lectures, the department hosts a happy hour at the JHU Faculty Club. This allows the graduate students and faculty to talk with the seminar speaker in a more relaxed atmosphere and provides an opportunity to discuss the research that was presented and how it relates to their own research.
  • JHU sponsored coffee “happy hours” offer graduate students opportunities to meet people from outside their department.
  • Intramural sports are popular among graduate students at Hopkins, and the economics department often forms teams that compete against other departments.

Students and faculty members often know each other by name before taking classes together, and first-year students enjoy straightforward access to faculty members and their more experienced peers. This collegial atmosphere makes for an easy transition into graduate life and comfortable communication once research begins in earnest.