Undergraduate Resources

Once you declare an Economics major or minor by completing the appropriate online form on SIS, you will be assigned an adviser in Economics. If you are an Economics major, you will need to meet with your adviser each semester to get cleared for online registration.

Note: If you are a double major, SIS will not allow you to register online until you have been cleared by both departmental advisers.


  • Director of Undergraduate Studies for Economics: Somasree Dasgupta (sdasgupta@jhu.edu)
  • Co-director of Undergraduate Studies for Economics: Muhammad Husain (mhusain8@jhu.edu)
  • Adviser for declaring majors, declaring minors, transfer credits or study abroad: Somasree Dasgupta (sdasgupta@jhu.edu)

Class Advisers

  • Sophomore Advisers: Hellen Seshie-Nasser, Sohani Fatehin, Bob Barbera, Barbara Morgan, Nick Papageorge.
  • Junior Advisers: Barbara Morgan, Ludmila Poliakova, Larry Ball, Ying Chen, Somasree Dasgupta
  • Senior Advisers: Bob Barbera, Somasree Dasgupta, Muhammad Husain, Sohani Fatehin, Bruce Hamilton
  • Minor Advisers: Somasree Dasgupta, Barbara Morgan, Bruce Hamilton, Muhammad Husain

Math Tutorial for Elements of Macro and Micro

This material introduces you to the level of mathematical sophistication you can expect to need in our Elements of Economics courses. If you determine that brushing up is in order, use this roadmap to sharpen those skills.

  1. Start by looking at the diagnostic test. If you can tell immediately that everything in the test is easy for you, then you should skip everything else on this list. Your fluency with mathematical tools is adequate for our elements courses.
  2. If you look at the diagnostic test and scratch your head a bit, then you should attempt the questions in the diagnostic. After you have done your best, look at the Answer Key to Diagnostic Questions.
  3. At this stage, unless you are completely confident that your math skills are fine, you should sign up for our three-week set of tutorials. These tutorials will be run by JHU students who have completed our introductory economics courses. Sign up online.

Tutorial Materials

  • Tutorial
  • Exercises
  • Answer Key to Tutorial Exercises


The Office of Academic Support offers optional small group tutoring sessions. The purpose of the tutoring sessions is to offer an opportunity to students in the course to ask basic questions about the material in the course. The session tutors are undergraduate students who have taken courses in a prior year and have done well.

For more information, including session times and meeting places, visit the Learning Den and PILOT tutoring subsections.

If you want tutoring help in a course that does not have Learning Den tutors, check with your DUS. We can frequently find capable Learning Den tutors, but only if we know there is a need.