Use this email to contact all economics students.

First Year

Name Email
Efrat Armon[email protected]
Musirah Farrukh[email protected]
Jamie Hyder[email protected] 
Hyun Koo Kang[email protected]
G. Rudyard Kretschmar[email protected]
Siying Li[email protected]
Jianhong Liu[email protected]
Brittany Lowe[email protected]
Aarushi Roy[email protected]
Mingyang Sun[email protected]

Second Year

Name Email
Kieran Allsop[email protected]
Eleno Hernan Castro Portillo[email protected]
Adam Edwards[email protected] 
Qingyuan Fang[email protected]
Ashish Kumar[email protected]
Soon Hyun Kwon[email protected]
Haruki Shibuya[email protected]
Pinda Wang[email protected]

Third Year

Shiqi Dong[email protected]
John Green[email protected]
Yongzheng Liang[email protected]
Yingfei Mu[email protected]
Junhyeok Shin[email protected]
Sam Wang[email protected]

Fourth Year

Mark Drozd[email protected]
Decory Edwards[email protected]
Zejun (Alice) Gao[email protected]
Adrian Monninger[email protected]
David Osten[email protected]
Kyung Woong Koh[email protected]

Fifth Year

Yujian Chen[email protected]
William Du[email protected]
Wonsik Ko[email protected]
Nino Kodua[email protected]
Muhammad Tobing[email protected]
Sinem Toraman[email protected]
Jionglin Zheng[email protected]
Xudong Zheng[email protected]

Sixth Year

Huan Deng[email protected]
Aniruddha Ghosh[email protected]
Qingyang Han[email protected]
Zixuan Huang[email protected]
Silin Huang[email protected]
Yusuf Kulu[email protected]
Jeong Won Son[email protected]
Mingzuo Sun[email protected]
Mateo Velasquez-Giraldo[email protected]
Fangzhu Yang[email protected]
Matthew Zahn[email protected]


There are not any non-resident graduate students at this time.

Leave of Absence

There are not any graduate students on leave of absence at this time.