The Department of Economics at Johns Hopkins offers a focused approach that sets it apart from other economics programs around the world. Drawing upon Hopkins’ history as America’s first research university, the department’s emphasizes depth of graduate education in core research fields. Faculty and graduate students engage in the exploration of five economic disciplines: applied microeconomics, economic theory, macroeconomics, econometrics, and finance.

An individualized, concentrated approach enables students to immerse themselves in collegial and interactive relationships with faculty. The small size of our department means that students are able to regularly present their research to the entire faculty in their field, obtaining valuable feedback on their work and how it is likely to be perceived by the profession. Such an extensive student-faculty interaction is infeasible at larger institutions where individual student’s work is rarely familiar to more than a couple of advisors. The unique environment of mutually enriching interactions routinely places the department among the highest ranked economics programs in the United States.