Economic Policy Issues Colloquium (E.P.I.C)

E.P.I.C. is a student-run economics forum for undergraduates interested in learning about economic research and the usefulness of research for public policy. The group seeks to introduce students to the range of methodologies employed by economists, and to raise awareness of the many fields economics embraces: from the economics of labor, health, education, and the environment to macroeconomics, international economics and the economics of development. Meetings are open to faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and alternate between presentations of ongoing research and discussions of current issues in economic policy. Ultimately, the group hopes to be a force for change, attracting students with a diversity of interests to the field of economics, and creating a network of students who will be future leaders in the field of economic policy and research. The faculty advisors are Hellen Seshie and Barbara Morgan.

Economics Club

The Economics Club is a platform to connect current economics undergraduate students with graduate students, alumni, and other professionals working in relevant fields. The club promotes professional development through events and networking and creates a community of economics undergraduates. All undergraduates are welcomed to join as general body members via CampusGroup.

Marshal L. Salant Investment Team

The Marshal L. Salant Investment Team provides students with hands-on experience managing securities in a portfolio that operates as part of the University endowment. Members develop their oral presentation skills by creating pitches for critique by team members and other audience members. The team aims to outperform the most relevant benchmark, the S&P 500, and it has been successful in doing so since inception.

The team also commits tens of thousands of dollars to supporting financial aid. A portion of the portfolio is withdrawn annually to provide scholarship support for undergraduate students in the Schools of Engineering and Arts and Sciences.

Smart Women Securities at JHU

The Johns Hopkins University chapter of Smart Woman Securities was founded in 2018. They are the university’s only all-women investment team. Team members represent diverse majors from both the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering.