Adam Tobin-Williams

Class Of 2026

Majors: Economics, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

I joined economics because of its focus on understanding the workings of society for the purpose of making it better for those within it.

Connor Mechelke

Class Of 2024

Majors: Economics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Economics enriches my passion for mathematics by providing tangible context and practical applications to the computational theory.

Dagny Patton

Class Of 2024

Major: Economics

I am an acting women in business mentor. I was given two mentees this past year to build a relationship with and guide through their Hopkins and internship experiences.

Ema Nakayama

Class Of 2025

Majors: Economics and Mathematics

As an economics major, I love that I can pursue my passion to learn for the sake of learning while gaining a more meaningful understanding of the world I live in.