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Summer 20132013 Micro Summer Exam
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Summer 20142014 Micro Summer Exam
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Summer 20222022 Micro Summer Exam2022 Macro Summer Exam

Job Market Tips

Our department makes a great effort in preparing graduate students for the job market. In addition to the advice students receive during their practice job market presentations, each student is paid individualized attention in making sure they are prepared for their job search.

The involvement of all faculty members helps assure that our students have strong placements and successful careers. Below are some resources that students on the job market often find useful.

  • Description of the Job Market procedures and various resources are available in the Job Market section of the Econ2 server, organized by Christopher Carroll.
  • Additional topics related to the job market candidates web presence and application through EJM, Interfolio, AcademicJobsOnline, AEA, and the Federal Reserve Bank are available in the information section of the Econ2 site.


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