Honors in the Major

Graduating economics majors who have compiled outstanding academic records are awarded Honors in Economics. Note of the honor appears in the Commencement program and on the student’s final transcript. To receive honors, students must have:

  • Taken all economics courses applied to the major within the economics department.
  • Taken 180.521-522 Economics Senior Thesis. The thesis may not be counted as one of the five economics electives.
  • A GPA of at least 3.5 for all economics courses.
  • A GPA of at least 3.5 for 180.301-302 and the senior thesis, (180.521 and 180.522, weighed at 3 credits).

Senior Thesis

The senior thesis is required for those who wish to be considered for departmental honors and optional for all other seniors. There is a specific list of requirements. Students wishing to pursue a senior honors thesis need to do the following:

  • They should discuss their interest of pursuing a senior thesis with their academic advisor, and narrow down options for topics and thesis supervisors by spring semester of their junior year. They should also set up a meeting with the DUS in the spring semester of their junior year to discuss the logistics of registering for AS 180.521 and AS 180.522, the two senior thesis courses. They should meet with their potential thesis supervisor by spring semester of their junior year as well.
  • In the fall semester of senior year, the student should register for Research in Economics (AS 180.521) for two credits. During this semester, they will work with their thesis supervisor to flesh out the research that they intend to complete in the spring. If successful, this semester’s work will culminate in a formal senior thesis proposal. The proposal should lay out the student’s research agenda, making clear that the proposal is feasible, and that the topic warrants the research time. This course is worth two credits.
    • The student can choose not to pursue the senior thesis after taking AS 180.521. However, if the quality of their research proposal in AS 180.521 is inferior, they will also not be approved by the department to continue with their senior thesis.
  • If the student produces a viable senior thesis proposal in the fall while taking Research in Economics, they will register for AS 180.522 Senior Thesis during the spring semester. They will receive three credits upon successful completion of their senior thesis. This will be carried out under the direct supervision of the thesis supervisor with whom the student has worked in the fall semester.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to present their senior thesis in a session organized by E.P.I.C. at the end of the spring semester. Please contact Dr. Hellen Seshie-Nasser ([email protected]) or Dr. Barbara Morgan ([email protected]) to schedule presentations of senior thesis.
  • Students graduating a semester early (in their senior fall) but who are interested in pursuing the senior thesis, should get permission from the DUS in Economics no later than their junior fall. They will be required to register for AS 180.521 in their junior spring, and AS 180.522 in their senior fall.