Minors Requirements

Minor in Economics

Requirements for the economics minor are as follows:

  • 180.101 and 180.102 Elements of Macro and Micro
  • Four elective courses at the 200 or 300 level

If you receive AP credit for either 180.101 or 180.102 you may not count those credits toward the 6-course requirement. No substitution of courses in other departments for economics electives may be made. Students who use exam credits to satisfy the AS.180.101 Elements of Macroeconomics and/or AS.180.102 Elements of Microeconomics requirements must take additional courses in the department to reach a total of 6 courses.

Study-abroad and transfer courses are approved on a case-by-case basis. In general you will be required to complete at least four of your six economics courses within the Department of Economics at Hopkins.

Minor in Financial Economics

The minor in financial economics is offered in collaboration with the Center for Financial Economics (CFE). The requirements are described fully on the CFE website.

Required Courses

  • AS.180.101 Elements of Macroeconomics
  • AS.180.102 Elements of Microeconomics
  • AS.180.263 Corporate Finance
  • AS.180.367 Investment-Portfolio Management

Elective Courses (Select two of the following)

  • AS.180.242 International Monetary Economics
  • AS.180.248 Financial Writing and Analysis
  • or AS.180.261 Monetary Analysis
  • or AS.180.266 Financial Markets and Institutions
  • or AS.180.336 Macroeconomic Strategies
  • or EN.660.203 Financial Accounting