Ema Nakayama

Ema Nakayama

Class Of 2025

Majors: Economics and Mathematics

For me, economics feels like the “best of both worlds” since it combines the mathematical theory that I enjoy learning about and the real-world societal applications that I care about. As an economics major, I love that I can pursue my passion to learn for the sake of learning while gaining a more meaningful understanding of the world I live in. I especially appreciate the emphasis that the Economics department at JHU places on discussion.

My economics classes

I really enjoyed taking Gender Economics with Professor Seshie-Nasser, as it opened up whole new perspectives on how economics can speak to social issues, such as how marriage dynamics can be investigated through the lens of individuals’ utility within and outside a relationship. I’m also grateful that the course encouraged me to read more economic research papers. (I enjoyed the class so much, I became a TA for the course the following semester!) 

Real-life experiences

This past summer, I worked as a Research Editorial Intern on the Economic Research Team at Flexport, a trade logistics company. I got to interact with trade data from around the globe, witness firsthand the many different ways economic thinking can guide business decisions, and participate in the economic analysis of what’s going on in the world. I found global trade to be very fascinating because of how interconnected and complex it can be! I also got to develop my ability to communicate about economics to different audiences — a skill I studied in my Financial Writing & Analysis class with Professor Norris.

I’m involved with JHU’s EPIC (the Economic Policy Issues Colloquium), and I’ve been a member of its Steering Committee since my sophomore year, helping organize speakers and presentations to promote student discussion on economic policies and how they’re informed by economic research. I love getting to hear about the exciting research on topics such as education economics, environmental economics, and public health economics. The club really strengthens my desire to continue studying economics beyond undergrad.

What I love about economics

To be honest, I feel like there are so many interesting questions that economics research can explore and is exploring — so far, I’ve been enjoying learning about all the different fields there are within economics. I definitely hope to participate more in economics research during my remaining years at Hopkins! (And right now, I am very interested in consumer demand and consumer credit, and how they can drive an economy’s activity!)