Dagny Patton

Dagny Patton

Class Of 2024

Major: Economics

My favorite part about being an economics major is the closeknit community and the professors. Since there aren’t that many economics majors at Hopkins, I find myself in multiple classes with the same students and am able to get to know them better because of it. This allows for collaboration on assignments and meeting people I may not have met through other ways. Secondly, the professors have been super insightful throughout my entire Hopkins experience. I have found myself having an amazing professor and then purposefully rearranging my schedule to sign up for other classes with the same professor because I have enjoyed their classes.

My favorite classes

One of my favorite economics classes was the Seminar in Financial Literacy offered during Intersession. Each class was focused on a different subsector of finance (ie: hedge funds, private equity, IPOs, M&A, etc.) with a different Hopkins alumni acting as a guest speaker. I very much so enjoyed the opportunity to delve deep into the specific ins and outs of the finance industry in addition to meeting some very cool Hopkins alumni. I found the class to be great for community building and networking. 

Summer internships

This past summer I had the privilege of interning at Goldman Sachs in their equity capital markets group within Investment Banking. I was able to gain incredible exposure to the deal processes of companies with various capital needs, better understand market dynamics as well as improve my communication and critical thinking abilities. Concepts learned throughout my economic classes at Hopkins proved useful in developing a strong foundation of knowledge on the subject matter at hand. I was thrilled to work alongside some of the most intelligent and driven people I’ve ever met and am excited to say that I will be returning there full time after graduating in May 2024.   

Getting involved on campus

Two of my main economics clubs I am involved with are the economics policy issues colloqium (EPIC) and women in business. Within EPIC, I am on the board and aide in organizing various speaker events panels, debates, etc. to discuss a wide range of economic policies. The topics range across a widespread realm and incluce healthcare, climate policy, the fed’s actions, macroeconomic events and more.

I’ve enjoyed getting involved and learning more about economic policy implications within the US and the rest of the world. Secondly, I am an acting women in business mentor. I was given two mentees this past year to build a relationship with and guide through their Hopkins and internship experiences. Throughout my recruiting process for Goldman, I heavily valued the advice and mentorship of those older than me and I hope to do the same for my mentees as well.