Connor Mechelke

Connor Mechelke

Class Of 2024

Majors: Economics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Economics enriches my passion for mathematics by providing tangible context and practical applications to the computational theory. This connection makes my mathematical knowledge more than just equations on paper; it becomes a toolkit for understanding the dynamics of markets, human behavior, and economic systems. This multidimensional perspective equips me with valuable skills that are applicable across various fields.

My favorite classes

My favorite economics course thus far is econometrics because of its unique blend of economics, statistics, and empirical analysis. Up to a certain point in the major, the focus is on theory and how it works under certain assumptions. This class allowed me to transform these theoretical economic concepts into quantifiable models that could be tested against real-world data. Its intriguing nature lies in its ability to unveil hidden relationships, causalities, and patterns within complex economic systems rather than in just theoretical, controlled markets. 

How I want to use economics

My professional interests revolve around strategy consulting. The industry offers a similar intersection between quantitative and qualitative analysis that my college studies do but elevates it through its application of solving real world business problems. Instead of solving a problem set in class, I will be able to help companies address their most complex challenges and strategic needs.