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Esteemed Alumnus John Hewson

John Hewson (Ph.D, 1974) is still very busy. Since ending his political career, having been Leader of the Liberal Party of Australia and the Federal Opposition in the mid-1990s, he has performed a multiplicity of roles in academia, business, charities, foundations and not-for-profits, and in the media. In academia, the key roles have been as Dean of the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, and is currently Professor and Chair, Tax and Transfer Policy Institute, in the Crawford School of Public Policy, at the Australian National University, and a Professorial Fellow/ Adjunct Professor at four other Australian Universities. In business, he has chaired or been a director of companies in banking and finance, insurance broking, gold mining, manufacturing, tourism, various technologies, soccer and super cars, and in many projects in climate/renewables, currently large scale solar thermal, heat and battery storage, and bio-energy. His not-for-profits range from academia, to osteoporosis, various disabilities, cemeteries, the Australian Olympic Committee, the Asset Owners Disclosure Project, and a number of advisory boards. In the media, he has regular weekly commitments in TV, radio, and writes a couple of columns per week. He was made a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences Australia last year.