Yusuf Kulu

Yusuf Kulu

PhD Candidate 2023-2024

Curriculum Vitae
Wyman Park Building 544E
(919) 323-5706
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"State Remedial Policies and Community Colleges" (job market paper)

"Post-secondary Decision Making: Evidence from Large Plant Openings" with Bledi Taska

"Interpersonal Therapy and Mental Health" with M. Nurullah Gulec


Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management Fall Research Conference, 2023
Western Economic Association International 98th Annual Conference, 2023
Econometric Society Africa Meeting, 2023
American Economic Association Annual Meeting, 2023


Econometrics, Spring 2021 2023, TA
Economics of Health, Fall 2021 2023, TA
Real Estate Economics and Finance, Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 2021, TA
Elements of Microeconomics, Spring 2022, TA
Elements of Macroeconomics, Fall 2019, TA


Professor Robert A. Moffitt - moffitt@jhu.edu
Professor Nicholas W. Papageorge - papageorge@jhu.edu
Professor Yujung Hwang - yujungghwang@gmail.com

Main Advisor: Robert Moffitt

Thesis Title: "Essays on Applied Microeconomics" (Download Abstract)

Fields: Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Health Economics