Robert J. Barbera

Robert J. Barbera

Lecturer and Director, Center for Financial Economics

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Research Interests: Real Interest Rate/Real Growth Rate Linkages, Global Energy Supply/Demand Issues

Education: PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Robert J Barbera’s research focuses on the nexus between finance and macroeconomics. Starting in 1982, Robert spent some 30 years as a Wall Street economist. Bob’s Wall Street affiliations included roles as Chief Economist at Mount Lucas, Investment Technology Group, Lehman Brothers, and E.F. Hutton. Early in his career, he served as an economist for U.S. Senator Paul Tsongas and for the U.S. Congressional Budget Office. He began his professional career as a lecturer at M.I.T. Barbera is currently the Director of the JHU Center for Financial Economics, and he is an Economics Department Fellow. He is the author of The Cost of Capitalism: Understanding Market Mayhem and Stabilizing Our Economic Future. Dr. Barbera holds a B.A. and Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins University.

As a JHU undergrad, Bob played on the Varsity lacrosse team, and was an AllAmerican on JHU’s 1974 Division I National Championship team.