Bridging the Gaps Between Economics and Epidemiology

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Nicholas Papageorge, Broadus Mitchell Associate Professor of Economics, and Matthew Zahn, a graduate student in the department, had their work on modeling behavior during a pandemic highlighted in The New York Times. This project is a multi-disciplinary effort to bridge the gaps between the methods used by economists and epidemiologists to model human behavior and inform economic and public health policies. With grant funds provided by the Hopkins Business of Health Initiative, a group of 11 scholars with expertise in economics, epidemiology, statistics, and other related fields met several times this past summer for candid discussions about each field’s strengths, weakness, and a possible path forward. The group’s conclusions layout near term and longer-term recommendations—all grounded in increased multi-disciplinary collaboration—that can improve economic and public health policy going forward.

Click here to read a copy of the paper.