EPIC Hosted two Senior Theses Events

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Alexis Swasey

The Economic Policy Issues Colloquium (E.P.I.C.) recently hosted two events that focused on macroeconomics and microeconomics, respectively. The presentations were conducted in a professional manner, and the presenters used sophisticated econometrics to highlight their research findings. Attendees actively participated in discussions about the policy implications of the research, and the presenters responded adeptly to the challenging questions from the audience.

On Wednesday, April 26th the presenters were:

  • Alexis Swasey (advisor: Larry Ball) “The Effect of Ending Pandemic Unemployment Insurance on State Unemployment Rates”
  • Zixiang Ma (Advisor: Olivier Jeanne) “Investigating the Impact of De-dollarization of Internation al Trade on the Demand for U.S. Treasuries”
  • Qinyang Du (Advisor: Olivier Jeanne) “Exchange Rate Volatility and Transactions in the Chinese Onshore Foreign Exchange (FX) Derivatives Market”
  • Steven Xu (Advisor: Greg Duffee) “The Relationship Between Natural Disasters and Market Risk in Different Markets”

On Friday, April 28th the presenters were:

  • Lorraine Rinaldi (Advisor: Robert Moffitt) “The Effect of Child Care Costs on the Gender Wage Gap”
  • Yiyang Han (Advisor: Nick Papageorge) “Drinking Behavior and Labor Market Outcomes”
  • Katerina Yang (Advisor: Giovanna Dore) “Empowerment through Resource Creation? The Impact of Debt Relief Initiatives on Fiscal Space and External Capital Supply in Africa”
  • At the end of last semester Jonah Bennett presented his thesis “A Reconsideration of the ‘Failure’ of Inflation Targeting in Argentina” advised by Larry Ball.