Honors and Awards

Honors in the Major

Graduating economics majors who have compiled outstanding academic records at Hopkins are awarded Honors in Economics. Note of the honor appears in the Commencement program and on the student’s final transcript. To receive honors, students must have:

  • Taken all economics courses applied to the major within the Economics Department.
  • Taken 180.591-592 Economics Senior Thesis. The thesis may not be counted as one of the five economics electives.
  • A GPA of at least 3.5 for all economics courses.
  • A GPA of at least 3.5 for 180.301-302 and the senior thesis (weighed at 3 credits).

Senior Thesis

The senior thesis is required for those who wish to be considered for departmental honors and optional for all other seniors.  Students wishing to pursue a senior honors thesis need to do the following:

  • One faculty member is listed as the official course instructor. Students should meet with this faculty member early in the fall semester, or much better yet, during spring semester of your junior year. The official course instructor’s main task is to help students sort through topics and find a specific thesis supervisor — almost always a regular faculty member in the Department of Economics. The official course instructor may supervise some theses, but others will be supervised by other members of the department (matching faculty expertise with student topics).
  • Ideally, meet with a potential thesis supervisor during spring semester of your junior year.  You should discuss this at that time with your academic advisor as well.
  • In fall semester of your senior year, you should register for research in Economics (180.521) for two credits.  During this semester, you will work with your thesis supervisor to flesh out the research that you intend to complete in the spring.  If successful, this semester’s work will culminate in a formal senior thesis proposal.  The proposal should lay out your research agenda, making clear that the proposal is feasible and that the topic warrants your research time.  This course is worth two credits.  Successful completion of the course takes the form either of a viable proposal which you will pursue in the spring or demonstration of a serious good-faith effort and a decision not to proceed with the senior thesis in the spring.
  • If you produce a viable senior-thesis proposal in the fall while taking Research in Economics, you will register for 180.522 Senior Honors Thesis during spring semester.  You will receive three credits upon successful completion of your senior honors thesis.  This will be carried out under the direct supervision of the thesis supervisor with whom you worked in the fall semester.

Download senior thesis requirements. (PDF)

Student Awards

Max Hochschild Award

This award goes to a graduating senior with exceptional academic performance and proficiency in economics. The department issues this award to up to two outstanding students each year.

  • Max Hochshild Awardees
    Academic YearName
    2014-2015Molly McGlone
    2013-2014Yujie Qian
    2012-2013Evan Keefe
    2011-2012Laura Elsener, Timothy McCarty
    2010-2011Maura Anne Coughlin
    2009-2010Michael Chimowitz
    2008-2009Carroll McCallum
    2007-2008Nikeeta Khetan
    2006-2007Jason Patrick Imbrogno
    2005-2006Lisa Goldstein, Travis Crum
    2004-2005Seth Michael Freedman
    2003-2004Chang Eun Jung
    2002-2003Pamela Pen-Erh Pei
    2001-2002Joshua David Lustig
    2000-2001Anita Alves
    1999-2000Brian A. Selmo
    1998-1999Rebecca Zarutskie
    1997-1998Bernard Chung-Ming Lee, Sang Hyun Lee
    1996-1997Glen Taksler
    1995-1996Boris Gutin, Nathan Hebel
    1994-1995Jon Reuter
    1993-1994Joshua Spencer
    1992-1993Marc Spear
    1991-1992Christopher Ferrante
    1990-1991David Schwartz
    1989-1990Wan Kim
    1988-1989Michael Williams
    1987-1988Leora Friedberg
    1986-1987Reyna Reed
    1985-1986Peter Iacono
    1984-1985Thomas Hyonsu Park