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  • Summer Fellowship Opportunity at the University of Chicago

    Posted: April 3, 2020

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    The Energy Policy Institute at Chicago (EPIC) invites applications for the Summer 2020 Research Fellowship. An interdisciplinary research and training center at the University of Chicago, EPIC is contributing innovative solutions to the global energy challenge: how can we ensure that people around the world, today and in the future, have access to reliable, affordable energy needed for human development without putting our health, environment and climate at risk? Previous results from EPIC projects have been influential with policymakers worldwide and featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other leading publications.

    Successful candidates will report to Michael Greenstone, Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago and the Director of EPIC. Responsibilities span all stages of research, including managing projects, collecting and analyzing data, creating presentations, and editing manuscripts. Typical research projects involve the analysis of environmental and energy data from the United States, India, China, and other countries utilizing quasi-experimental and experimental methods, as well as development of computational economic models of energy markets.

    Applicants must be in their penultimate year of study and have strong quantitative and programming skills. Candidates with research experience are strongly preferred, especially those with experience programming in Stata, R, Python or Matlab. The ideal candidate would work for EPIC for around ten weeks before returning to school. EPIC offers competitive salary and employee benefits. Applications will be reviewed as they are received, with rolling decisions, but all applications must be received by May 2nd to be considered. Due to the high volume of applications, only candidates shortlisted for an interview will be contacted.

    To apply, please complete the form and upload your resume, transcript, and writing sample at https://tinyurl.com/epic-summer-intern. Questions and inquiries about the summer fellowship should be directed to epic.predoctoralfellowship@gmail.com.

  • Maryland Department of Transportation: Paid Summer Internships

    Posted: February 7, 2020

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    The Maryland Department of Transportation is now offering paid summer internships. Visit publicservicescholars.umbc.edu/apply to learn more about the fellowship program. Apply by March. 1

  • St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank Internships

    Posted: October 27, 2019

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    The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has a Summer Internship Program that allows undergraduates the opportunity to learn about economics in the United States through the perspective of the Federal Reserve System.

    Internships are available in multiple areas within the Research Division: Economic Education; Research Analysts; Project Management; Historical Online Collection/FRASER and Library; and Data Desk/FRED.

    Learn more about the specific positions here: 2020 Summer Internships Research Division

    To Apply:

    Complete the online application for the Research Intern position through Handshake

    In addition to this application, the following documents must be uploaded in PDF or Word format and e-mailed to:research.internship@stls.frb.org  Please use the following as the subject line, Summer 2020 Research Intern: Last Name, First Name

    Also, for questions or concerns, contact: research.internship@stls.frb.org

  • Director’s Financial Analyst Program at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

    Posted: October 4, 2019

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    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is recruiting this fall for the Director’s Financial Analyst position, and we want to encourage graduating seniors to apply. We are hiring for positions that begin in January 2020 and July 2020, and Class of 2020, 2019, and 2018 graduates are eligible to apply.

    This unique, two-year rotational fellowship sits at the intersection of the federal government and the financial services industry. Director’s Financial Analysts are given the opportunity to hone analytical and problem solving skills while helping to make markets for consumer financial products work for Americans. Members of the Director’s Financial Analyst Program will experience diverse roles, responsibilities, and areas of expertise. As a result, in a short period of time, analysts will play an integral role in everything the Bureau does, from rigorous data-driven policy creation and market monitoring to on-site supervision of market participants.
    All analysts will complete developmental rotations in offices throughout the CFPB. These rotations are designed to provide exposure to the analysis, strategy, research, education, policy development, supervision, enforcement, and rulemaking activities throughout the Bureau.
    We are recruiting for positions that begin after the 2019-2020 academic year.

    Previous Director’s Financial Analysts have used the program as a springboard to further their careers. Some graduates of the program have moved on to:

    • Grad school (e.g., Yale, MIT, Columbia, Harvard)
    • Private industry (e.g., Amazon, Uber, PayPal)
    • Public sector (e.g., Department of the Treasury, NY Fed, local government)


    We are currently accepting resumes through our posting on their school’s job posting website. However, to officially apply, students will need to do so at https://www.consumerfinance.gov/careers during our live application window on USAJobs. The first window will be from October 18th – November 1st, and the second window will be in early spring 2020. Students who send an email demonstrating interest will be notified when the application becomes available.

    Interested students should send an email to CFPB_DFA_Program@cfpb.gov. For additional questions about the position or the application process, please reach out to Emma.Haas@cfpb.gov.

  • Research Associate Position – Yale Program on Financial Stability

    Posted: October 4, 2019

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    Research Associates will be part of a team working to launch the New Bagehot Project, an online platform for the dissemination of information on how to respond to financial crises. Working under the supervision of senior staff, Research Associates will be responsible for developing case studies of specific interventions attempted by policymakers during the Global Financial Crisis and other crises throughout history. These case studies focus on the critical design decisions made in establishing the interventions and will serve as the backbone for an online “playbook” that future policymakers can consult to help guide them during financial crises. Although the work of our Research Associates will be different than that done in traditional RA positions in economics, we think that this opportunity will still be a good fit for some students interested in pursuing graduate studies in economics. The link below contains more information about the position and how to apply.


  • Recruiting Senior Econ Students – Economists Incorporated
  • Full-Time Research Assistantship at USC

    Posted: September 19, 2019

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    Description of Job Responsibilities: This full-time research assistant position, working with Economics professor Dan Benjamin (at the University of Southern California) and his co-authors and starting summer 2020, is ideal for individuals interested in behavioral economics research and likely to pursue a PhD in economics. Current projects include identifying genetic variants associated with educational attainment, conducting surveys to shed light on what respondents mean when they answer questions about their own happiness, and developing theory and running experiments to understand people’s biased beliefs about random processes. For examples of past research, see http://www.danieljbenjamin.com/. Research assistants are directly involved in the entire research process, including:

    • Data analysis (Stata knowledge required, MATLAB knowledge a plus)
    • Grant writing
    • Experiment design and execution (including tasks such as assisting with formulating hypotheses to be tested; writing procedure documents for experiments; coordinating the location of and staff for experiments; managing participants’ payments, etc.)
    • Survey design and execution (including writing survey questions, testing website designs, liaising with market research firms, etc.)
    • Background research and literature reviews for experiment/survey design and paper writing
    • Data compiling and presentation (including designing figures for papers, paper editing, and the potential for small writing assignments, such as blog posts or data reports)
    • Various administrative tasks central to the research process (including IRB applications, coordination of team activities, creation of efficient systems of management, etc.)

    Required background:

    • Knowledge of Stata, Excel
    • Strong organizational and self-disciplinary skills
    • A background in economics (undergraduate degree or at least 3 years of relevant experience)
    • Leadership skills
    • An interest in behavioral economics specifically
    • Strong writing skills

    Optional background:

    • Knowledge of MATLAB and Latex
    • Knowledge of various statistical analyses such as OLS, MLE, and PCA

    Salary: $56,000 (plus benefits)

    To apply please submit the following documents, as a single pdf document, to cwatson.usc@gmail.com:

    1. A cover letter describing your interest in and qualifications for the position (reference RFP:012)
    2. Your resume
    3. An unofficial transcript,
    4. A paper you’ve written for a course, a research paper, or other writing sample.

    There is no set deadline for applications. The position will remain open until it is filled.

  • Full-Time Research Assistantship at NBER

    Posted: September 19, 2019

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    Economics professors Dan Benjamin (at the University of Southern California), David Cesarini (New York University), David Laibson (Harvard University), and their co-authors employ full-time research assistants at the NBER with start dates during the summer of 2020. We would like to hire students interested in genoeconomics: the identification of genetic variation that is associated with variation in economic behavior. Prior experience is not necessary. Research assistants should have an interest in applying to a quantitative Ph.D. program (e.g., Genomics, Economics, Neuroscience, Sociology, Statistics, Data Science) and pursuing an academic research career.

    Current projects include identifying genetic variants associated with educational attainment and risk preferences, creating optimal genetic predictors for a range of behavioral traits, and developing new statistical methods.

    For examples of past research, see the “Genoeconomics” tab at https://www.danieljbenjamin.com/publications. Research assistants are directly involved in the entire research process, including:

    • Developing new methods to analyze genetic data
    • Data analysis in R and Python
    • Background research and literature reviews for paper writing
    • Drafting sections of manuscripts for publication
    • Visualizing data for manuscripts and presentations

    Required background: 

    • Knowledge of one or more of R, Python, or STATA
    • Strong work ethic and organizational skills
    • A background in economics, genetics, computer science, statistics, or mathematics (undergraduate degree or at least 3 years of relevant experience)
    • Ability to work independently and with minimal guidance
    • An interest in genoeconomics • Strong writing skills

    Optional background:

    • Knowledge of MATLAB (or other programming languages such Java, C, C++, or Julia) and Latex
    • Experience with Unix commands
    • Familiarity with various statistical analyses such as OLS, MLE, and PCA

    Location: NBER in Cambridge, MA

    Salary: $56,000 (plus benefits)

    To apply please submit the following documents, as a single pdf document, to cwatson.usc@gmail.com:

    1. A cover letter describing your interest in and qualifications for the position (reference RFP:011)
    2. Your resume
    3. An unofficial (or official) transcript,
    4. A paper you’ve written for a course, a research paper, or other writing sample.

    Later in the process, we may ask you for up to three references. There is no set deadline for applications. The position will remain open until it is filled.

  • Charles River Associates Junior Hire

    Posted: September 19, 2019

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    Who We Are

    CRA’s Antitrust and Competition Practice was founded over 50 years ago by professors specializing in antitrust policy, led by Prof. Franklin Fisher (MIT). Since that time, our work with leading antitrust scholars from prominent academic institutions has included the economic analyses underlying major antitrust lawsuits, merger reviews, or government investigations into anticompetitive behavior.  Given our expertise and history, our engagements closely mirror rigorous analysis in academia – with foundations in economic theory as well as robust data analysis.  And our current roster of projects and clients places our work near the forefront of today’s vigorous discussions regarding antitrust policy and innovation.


    The Analyst Experience: Antitrust and Competition Practice

    As analysts, students have the opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts learned in economics classes to real world data and problems.  Much like academic researchers, new analysts at CRA are key contributors to several phases of project work, from data collection to programming statistical analyses to testing the robustness of results.  Analysts can expect to work on a variety of antitrust issues in projects focusing on the assessment of competitive effects – including those that arise from mergers, price fixing, exclusive dealing or monopolization in a wide variety of industries including, for example, digital platforms, cloud services, healthcare, cellular devices, sports leagues and consumer goods.  Examples of recent Competition Practice projects include evaluating the competitive issues of open versus integrated systems for the Apple iPod iTunes antitrust litigation, and working with the US Federal Trade Commission to assess whether a proposed merger of two Chicago-area hospital systems was likely to harm consumers by raising prices for care.

    In addition to working with leading academic economists, analysts in CRA’s Antitrust and Competition Practice benefit from both formal training and informal on-the-job learning. CRA colleagues overseeing your development or collaborating with you on project work will often have PhD-level training. More formal training programs provided by CRA focus on technical skills, client interaction, and networking.  While analysts often follow a career path to senior positions at CRA, many also use their experience at CRA as a springboard to top graduate programs. Members of recent analyst classes have gone on to pursue graduate studies at (for example) MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Chicago, Northwestern, and Penn.


    Apply for the Antitrust & Competition Practice Analyst Position

    The Antitrust and Competition Practice is now recruiting to fill open analyst positions at CRA offices in Boston, Chicago, Oakland, and Washington, DC.  We are looking for students with a strong foundation in economics or related quantitative fields (e.g. mathematics, statistics, computer science) who are motivated to explore research opportunities in economics, and can bring a critical eye to our work.

    Students working towards an honors thesis or participating in research projects at the Johns Hopkins University are strongly encouraged to apply

    Interested students should apply through our job posting on Handshake as well as on the CRA website using this this link (Analyst). Students should indicate their preference for the Antitrust and Competition Practice in their cover letter.

  • 2019 APPAM/SPA Public Policy Camp

    Posted: September 19, 2019

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    The Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) in collaboration with the School of Public Affairs (SPA) at American University is holding a policy camp for undergraduates interested in policy. More information as well as the link to register can be found below and here: https://www.american.edu/spa/news/public-policy-camp.cfm. There will be panels of policy practitioners, current students, and admissions representatives. We will also have a workshop on the policy field and an interactive exercise.