Our faculty has structured the department to have strong coverage in five areas: applied microeconomics, econometrics, economic theory, finance, and macroeconomics. By focusing on these five core areas, particularly at the graduate level, the department offers a unique, specific educational experience. Aside from traditional coursework, research, and special lectures, the department holds three weekly seminars to encourage collaboration and communication within these five disciplines. The seminars attract top scholars from throughout the world to discuss their work and also provide a forum for faculty and students to present their recent research.

Applied Microeconomics Group

  • Coverage includes: development, industrial organization, labor economics, and microeconometrics
  • Faculty: Filipe Campante, Mark Gersovitz, Yingyao Hu, Matthew E. Kahn, Elena Krasnokutskaya, Lixiong Li, Robert Moffitt, Nicholas Papageorge, John Quah, Richard Spady
  • Jointly Appointed Faculty: David Bishai (Bloomberg School of Public Health), Pravin Krishna (School of Advanced International Studies), Jian Ni, Mitsukuni Nishida (Carey Business School)

Econometrics Group

  • Coverage includes: forecasting, microeconometrics, panel data and cross sections, semi-/non-parametric econometrics, and time-series methods
  • Faculty: Yingyao Hu, Lixiong Li, Jonathan Wright, Richard Spady

Economic Theory Group

  • Coverage includes: behavioral economics, decision theory, game theory, industrial organization, information economics, market design, mathematical economics, political economy and revealed preference analysis.
  • Faculty: Ying Chen, Marcelo Ariel Fernandez, Edi Karni, M. Ali Khan, John Quah.
  • Jointly Appointed Faculty: Itay Fainmesser (Carey Business School), Shubhranshu Singh (Carey Business School).

Finance Group

  • Coverage includes: applied and theoretical finance, bankruptcy, corporate re-structuring, financial econometrics, financial regulation, fixed income securities, sovereign lending
  • Faculty: Brendan Daley, Greg Duffee, Olivier Jeanne, Jonathan Wright
  • Jointly Appointed Faculty: Alessandro Rebucci (Carey Business School)
  • Undergraduate minor in financial economics offered in conjunction with the Center for Financial Economics

Macroeconomics Group

  • Coverage includes: domestic macroeconomics, international finance, international macroeconomics, macro-financial linkages, monetary theory and policy, and time-series econometrics
  • Faculty: Laurence Ball, Christopher Carroll, Olivier Jeanne, Jonathan Wright