Undergraduate Profiles

Jake Golman ‘14

Medicine has always been Jake Golman’s passion. He hopes ultimately to pursue a career in the health field. But the flexible academic schedule at Hopkins allowed him to combine this passion with a major in Economics, a discipline he credits with providing him with skills that are “applicable to almost every profession” and insight into policy issues such as “how as a society we can provide the best health care to patients at an affordable price.”

In exploring the major, what other classes has Jake enjoyed? “My two favorite economics classes to date have been Game Theory and Economics of Discrimination. I enjoyed Game Theory because of the intellectual challenge of solving complex “games” that we encounter on a daily basis. I liked Economics of Discrimination because the format of the class allowed us to bounce our ideas off the professor, question our classmate’s opinions, and ultimately encouraged us to think critically about public policy issues.”

Jake is as busy outside the classroom as he is in it. He helps schedule and give campus tours through the Blue Key Society. During his freshman year he joined a social fraternity Alpha Delta Phi, and was elected its Rush Chair. He is Vice-President of Jews in Greek Life, an organization that highlights the social aspects of Judaism. He has conducted research in micro-reconstruction plastic surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, volunteered at a local hospital and interned in the field of cardiothoracic surgery. Finally, to keep in shape, he plays club tennis on the weekend.

Thoughts on the Economics major? “The Economics major is one of the most popular majors on campus. Courses incorporate theoretical and empirical approaches and give students knowledge and skills they can apply to a wide variety of situations.”