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Molly Elder ‘18

Molly Elder ‘18

Molly hails from Seattle, Washington. A big part of her decision to attend Hopkins was that she wanted to double major, and knew it would be possible at Hopkins. “I’m very glad to have had the opportunity, since I found that economics and philosophy pair very well with each other.”  Along the way, Molly picked up a math minor as well.

Molly, why did you choose Economics? “I took AP Micro in high school and it just clicked with me. I’ve known since tenth grade that econ was what I wanted to do.”

Molly particularly enjoyed the Economics of Fixed Income Instruments because it was the first economics course to make full use of her math training. “It was challenging, but also immensely satisfying to be able to apply all the pure math courses I’ve taken to my deeper interest, economics. There were only five students in the class, and I found that my success in this challenging course was contingent on working with and learning from my fellow students. Each of us had different strengths, and most of the problem sets couldn’t be solved correctly without contributions from all of us.  I really enjoyed this collaborative atmosphere, in which I could learn from other students as well as from my professor.”

Molly also threw herself into extra-curricular activities, playing rugby freshman and sophomore years, and taking active roles both in the Sexual Assault Resource Unit, and Refuel Our Future, the campaign to get Hopkins to divest from fossil fuels. She was also a PILOT leader for the introductory economics classes for several years, and was Teaching Assistant for a class in probability and statistics in her final semester.

Interning at a financial technology startup, Molly got to wear a lot of different hats. “I even got to help model possible pricing schemes. I also did a research internship with Friends of the Earth, focusing on the palm oil industry.”

Molly is currently in a PhD program at Tufts, studying Economics and Public Policy with a focus on environmental economics.  “I was pretty outdoorsy growing up, and that has translated into a strong sense of duty to do my small part for the planet. I look forward to building on all the skills and knowledge in economics, philosophy, and math that I have developed at Hopkins in my graduate work.”  Ultimately, Molly hopes to work in the field of environmental policy, using the skill set of a trained economist to positively impact the environment and on those impacted by environmental degradation.

Molly what is your advice for Economics majors?

“Go to office hours! Your TAs want to help, and working with the other students in attendance is also extremely valuable. Also, if you get a chance, take an ethics class. You’ll find it’s very relevant.”