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Madeleine “Maddy” Speale ‘19

Madeleine “Maddy” Speale ‘19

Madeleine Speale chose to study at Johns Hopkins because of its emphasis on learning outside the classroom. As an incoming student who did not know what to study, she was excited about the opportunities for research and involvement in internships. She ended up majoring in Economics and minoring in Financial Economics, Accounting & Financial Management. “I loved to look at current events through an economic lens and realized that macroeconomics gave me the tools to do that on a much deeper level. As I have progressed in my coursework, I have enjoyed learning more about the complexities of unemployment, inflation, and monetary policy in particular.”

One of Madeleine’s favorite classes was Economics of Discrimination. “The discussions in this  class were some of the most interesting conversations I have had at Hopkins – not only were we talking about wage inequality or educational trends, issues that my peers and I speak about in more casual settings, but we were also able to employ economic research, theory and data to support our ideas.”

Maddy studied abroad in Hong Kong for the Fall 2017 semester: “ It was one of my best semesters “at Hopkins.” I was constantly learning, for example, about economic development in China, travelling to other countries to get their perspective, or participating in an internship at the end of the semester. I definitely was pushed outside of my comfort zone, but I came back to school with a much better understanding of the global economy and how different some cultures are than mine.”

Maddy was the Finance Chair of the Milton S. Eisenhower Symposium and a member of the

Marshal L. Salant Investment Team. She interned at a hedge fund (Marshall Wace), and is currently a Summer Analyst in the Institutional Equity Division at Morgan Stanley.

“After I graduate, I hope to be pursuing a career in Finance, particularly in the equities division of a bank in New York.” Maddy hopes to be in an investor relations type role: “ whether that is on the Buy or Sell Side I’m not quite sure. I know I want to interact with clients on a daily basis and I am hoping to be able to use my fundamental understanding of the investing industry to communicate effectively with those clients.”

Do you have any advice for potential Economics majors?

“Take Economics of Discrimination and Econometrics!  Overall, economics professors are so helpful in talking about future coursework or career opportunities – they have been incredibly useful in my course selection process and helping me to prepare for interviews.”