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Jieun Park ‘18

Jieun Park ‘18

Born in South Korea, Jieun Park chose to study at Johns Hopkins because of its reputation as research university. Jieun double-majored in chemical and biomolecular engineering and economics, and minored in financial economics. “I chose to study economics because I was interested in the field from a young age. Learning economics is a good way to learn about the world and its history. In addition, the Hopkins economics major is very flexible, so I could double major in economics. “

Jieun: “really liked classes that had some historical aspects to it. I especially enjoyed taking monetary analysis and international monetary economics. I also liked international trade and corporate finance, courses that taught me the logistics behind making decisions at a company or corporate level. “  Jieun also conducted economic research under Professor Steve Hanke and is planning to apply for law school. Ultimately, she wants to become a lawyer who can utilize both of her majors, chemical and biomolecular engineering and economics.

What does Jieu have to say to prospective economics majors?  “The Hopkins economics major is a great major to pursue because it allows a lot of flexibility. You can pursue a double major, or study abroad.  There are research opportunities and clubs that allow you to network. Many courses are small, so you can interact with professors and share your thoughts.

Final thoughts? “Although I minored in financial economics, I enjoyed other economic classes that were based on fields other than finance. Most Hopkins students who want to pursue a career in finance major in economics. But I want to let students know that there are many other fascinating subjects in economics other than finance and I hope many students try out those courses.”

Absolutely, economics covers many fields!