Student Awards

Professor Joel Dean Undergraduate Teaching Award

This award is given annually to those graduate students who have shown excellence as a teaching assistant or instructor in the undergraduate economics program. The award was initiated by Joel and Monia Dean and generously funded by the Joel Dean Foundation created by Professor Dean in 1957.

Academic YearNames
2020-2021Nino Kodua, Strahil Lepoev, Tao Wang
2019-2020Melih Firat, Qingyang Han, Tao Wang
2018-2019Emma Kalish, Shiqi Wang, Xinyu Zhao
2017-2018Kevin Yuan, Sung Ah Bahk, Andrew Gray
2016-2017Edmund Crawley, Liuchun Deng, Kevin Yuan
2015-2016Ryan Bush, Alanna Bjorklund-Young, Sohini Mahapatra, Chang Ma, and Kevin Yuan
2014-2015Ryan Bush, Parul Gupta, and Yeabin Moon
2013-2014Alanna Bjorklund, Ryan Bush, Liuchun Deng, Christopher Martin, and Terrance Oey
2012-2013Ryan Bush, Blair Chapman, Prathi Seneviratne, Metin Uyanik
2011-2012Ryan Bush, Blair Chapman, Gizem Kosar, Christopher Martin
2010-2011James Lake, Nicole Lott, Gwyn Pauley
2009-2010Maia Linask, Matthew White
2008-2009Danny Barth, Marc Remer

Eugenio and Patricia Castillo Award

This award is given annually to the student who has displayed the best performance in their first two years in the graduate program. It is generously funded by alumnus Eugenio Castillo and his wife, Patricia.

Academic YearName(s)Photo
2021-2021Wonsik KoWonsik Ko awarding
2019-2020Mateo Velasquez-GiraldoMateo Velasquez-Giraldo awarding
2018-2019Xinyu ZhaoXinyu Zhao awarding
2017-2018Tongli ZhangTongli Zhang awarding
2016-2017Derin Aksit, Yen-Lin ChiuDerin Aksit awarding
2015-2016Edmund CrawleyEdmund Crawley awarding
2014-2015Jianhui LiJianhui Li and others
2013-2014Chang MaChang Ma and others
2012-2013Liuchun Deng
2011-2012Metin Uyanik, Jiaxiong Yao
2010-2011Gizem Kosar
2009-2010Ruli Xiao
2008-2009Matthew White
2007-2008Weifeng Wu
2006-2007Yevgeniy Stotyka
2005-2006Damiano Sandri
2004-2005King Ki Marconi Chan
2003-2004Eric Millis
2002-2003Alena Bicakova
2001-2002Konstantin Federov
2000-2001Robert Tchaidze
1999-2000Yingyao Hu, Misuzu Otsuka
1998-1999Jacques Miniane
1997-1998Omer Alper
1996-1997Chris Geiregat
1995-1996Tao Wang
1994-1995Nada Choueiri
1993-1994Sung Kim
1992-1993Mary Burke
1991-1992Forhad Shilpi
1990-1991Alain D’Hoore
1989-1990Shinji Yamashige
1988-1989Philip Gerson
1987-1988Jinsoo Hahn
1986-1987David Majerus
1985-1986Nancy Wagner
1984-1985Naoko Nishimura
1983-1984Spyridon Vassilakis

Bruce Hamilton Research Seminar Award

This award is given annually to the advanced graduate student who has demonstrated the best performance in one of the department’s research seminars. It is generously funded by alumnus Eugenio Castillo and his wife, Patricia, and is named in honor of Professor Emeritus Bruce Hamilton who was well-known for his insightful comments at department seminars.

Academic YearName(s)Photo
2020-2021Ani GhoshAni Ghosh award
2019-2020Prerna RakhejaPrerna Rakheja award
2018-2019Andrew GrayAndrew Gray award
2017-2018Yen-Lin Chiu, Andrew GrayYen-Lin Chui award
Andrew Gray award
2016-2017Edmund CrawleyEdmund Crawley award
2015-2016Sohini MahapatraSohini Mahapatra award
2014-2015Metin UyanikMetin Uyanik and others
2013-2014Ryan Bush, Gizem KosarRyan Bush, Gizem Kosar award
2012-2013Leyla Karakas
2011-2012Matthew White
2010-2011James Lake
2009-2010James Lake
2008-2009Damiano Sandri
2007-2008Yonatan Ben-Shalom
2006-2007Steffen Reinhold
2005-2006Matthew Raskin
2004-2005Nicholas Hill
2003-2004Nicholas Hill
2002-2003Jacques Miniane

Clarence M. Guggenheimer Award

Established in 1976 by Mrs. Irma H. Guggenheimer in memory of her late husband, this annual award is made to a graduate student who has exhibited outstanding performance in their work toward a PhD.

Academic YearNamePhoto
2020-2021Strahil LepoevStrahil Lepoev award
2019-2020Emma KalishEmma Kalish award
2018-2019Yen-Lin ChiuYen-Lin Chiu award
2017-2018Ed CrawleyEd Crawley award
2016-2017Ding Xuan NgDing Xuan Ng award
2015-2016Victor RondaVictor Ronda award
2014-2015Chang MaChang Ma award

Ellie E. Slack Award

Established in 1923, the Slack award is made to a graduate student with an exceptional record in a department in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. The award rotates annually across the approximate 20 departments in the school.

Academic YearName
2014-2015Shaiza Qayyum

Carl Christ Fellowship Award

The Carl Christ Fellowship fund was established in 1989 to honor one of its faculty members for his distinguished service and achievements. The proceeds of the fund are used to support outstanding graduate students at the dissertation stage of their research.

Academic YearNamePhoto
2020-2021Melih FiratMelih Firat award
2019-2020Sahan YildizSahan Yildiz award
2018-2019Sung Ah BahkSung Ah Bahk award
2017-2018Ding NgDing Ng award
2016-2017Daniel Garcia MolinaDaniel Garcia Molina award
2015-2016Yi XinYi Xin award
2014-2015Metin Uyanik