Zixuan Huang

Zixuan Huang

PhD Candidate 2023-2024

Curriculum Vitae
Wyman Park Building 544E
(202) 765-9309
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"Effects of Deposits on Banks' Choices of Balance-Sheet Composition" (job market paper)

"Bank Over-Investment during the Zero Lower Bound Period" (in progress)

"Effects of E-Money on Monetary Policy Transmission" (with Amina Lahreche, Mika Saito, and Ursula Wiriadinata, in progress)

"Foreign Direct Investment in China's High-technology Manufacturing Industries" (with Mary Lovely), China and World Economy 26.5 (2018): 104-126

Professional Experience:

Research Analyst, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Fund Internship Program, International Monetary Fund

Other Activity:

Helen Farr Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University
JHU Libraries Data Grant, Johns Hopkins University


Elements of Macroeconomics, Fall 2019, TA
Corporate Finance, Spring 2020, 2022 and 2023, TA
Investment-Portfolio Management, Fall 2020 and Fall 2021, TA
Financial Markets and Institutions, Fall 2022 TA
Economics of Uncertainty and Information, Spring 2021, TA
Investing as a Liberal Arts, Fall 2023, TA


Professor Greg Duffee - duffee@jhu.edu
Professor Jonathan Wright - wrightj@jhu.edu
Professor Olivier Jeanne - ojeanne@jhu.edu

Main Advisor: Greg Duffee

Thesis Title: "Essays on Banking, Deposits, and Monetary Policy" (Download Abstract)

Fields: Macro-Finance, Banking, Macroeconomics, Chinese Economy