Tongli Zhang

Tongli Zhang

PhD Candidate 2021-2022

Wyman Park Building 544E
(410) 608-5032
(410) 516-7600
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Main Advisor: Olivier Jeanne

Thesis Title: "Essays on Government Debt and Sovereign Default"

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Fields: Macroeconomics, Sovereign Default, International Economics, Computational Economics


"Monetary Backstop and Sovereign Default on Domestic Debt" (job market paper)

"Sovereign Debt Crises and Banks Bailouts: Why Does Inequality Matter for Fiscal Policy Efficiency?" with Sandra Lizarazo-Ruiz and Horacio Sapriza

"Implicit Guarantees for Local Government Debt in China"

"Consumption Dynamics Under Socially Formed Expectations"

"Tweet Sentiments and Crowd-Sourced Earnings Estimates as Valuable Sources of Information around Earnings Releases" with Jim Liew and Shenghan Guo


International Monetary Fund (September 2020)


Macroeconomic Theory (graduate), Fall 2017,2018, TA
Elements of Microeconomics, Spring, 2018, 2019, 2021, TA
Topics in International Finance, Fall, 2019, TA
Macroeconomic Theory (Undergraduate), Spring, 2020, TA
Elements of Macroeconomics, Fall, 2020, 2021, TA
Corporate Finance, Spring, 2016, TA
The Firm and the Macro-economy (MBA), Fall, 2015, TA
Advanced Hedge Fund Strategies, Summer, 2014


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