Tao Wang

Tao Wang

PhD Candidate 2022-2023

Curriculum Vitae
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"Perceived versus Calibrated Income Risks in Heterogenous-agent Consumption Models" (job market paper)

"Learning from Friends in a Pandemic: Social Networks and the Macroeconomic Response of Consumption" (with Christos Makridis)

"How Do Agents Form Inflation Expectations? Evidence from the Forecast Uncertainty"

"Epidemiological Expectations" (with Christopher Carroll)

Other Activity:

Winner of Joel Dean Undergraduate Teaching Award for 3 years

Founding organizer of Macro/Finance Brownbag Seminar at JHU

NBER Behavioral Macroeconomic bootcamp (2020)

Chair of 2022 ASSA session "Expectations, Beliefs and Behaviors during the Pandemic"

Presentations: Yale SOM, 2022 ASSA, 4th Behavioral Macroeconomics Workshop, University of Copenhagen, European ESA Meeting in Bologna, Midwest Macro


Elements of Macroeconomics, 2018 Fall/2019 Fall/2021 Fall/2022 Spring/2022 Fall, TA
Elements of Microeconomics, 2020 Spring/ 2021 Spring, TA
Microeconomic Theory, 2020 Fall, TA
Corporate Finance, 2019 Spring, TA


Professor Christopher D. Carroll - ccarroll@jhu.edu
Professor Jonathan Wright - wrightj@jhu.edu
Professor Francesco Bianchi- francesco.bianchi@jhu.edu

Main Advisor: Christopher D. Carroll

Thesis Title: "Household Expectations and Macroeconomic Dynamics" (Download Abstract)

Fields: Heterogeneous-agent macroeconomics, behavioral macroeconomics, household expectations, computational economics