Strahil Lepoev

Strahil Lepoev

PhD Candidate 2022-2023
Curriculum Vitae
Wyman Park Building 544E
(443) 635-4360
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"Welfare Effects of Partial Acquisition in the Retail Pharmacy Market - the Case of Rite Aid and Walgreens" (job market paper)

"Charitable Donation, Market Expansion and Market Presence: The Case of Walmart" (with Andrew Ching and Mitsukuni Nishida)

"Information Acquisition through Asset Acquisition" (work in progress)

"Preemptive Entry under the Presence of a Scarce Resource - Application to the Car Rental Industry" (work in progress)

Professional Experience:

Research Assistant, Professor Andrew Ching, May 2019 - Present

Research Assistant, Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation, Oct 2014 - Jul 2017


Intermediate Microeconomic Theory Fall 2018 2019 2020 2021 (TA)
Elements of Microeconomics Spring 2019 2020 (TA)
Elements of Microeconomics Summer 2019 (Instructor)
Econometrics Spring 2021 2022 (TA)
Econometrics Fall 2022 (TA)


Professor Elena Krasnokutskaya -
Professor Andrew Ching -
Professor Yingyao Hu -

Main Advisor: Elena Krasnokutskaya

Thesis Title: "Partial Acquisitions and Alternative Tools for Entry - Implications for Consumer Welfare" (Download Abstract)

Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Microeconometrics