Pavel Solis

Pavel Solis

PhD Candidate 2020-2021

Wyman 544E
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Thesis Title: "Essays on Monetary Policy in Emerging Markets"  - Download Abstract (PDF)

Fields: International Finance, Empirical Macroeconomics, Financial Intermediation

Main Advisor: Professor Jonathan Wright


"Term Premia and Credit Risk in Emerging Markets: The Role of U.S. Monetary Policy" (Job Market Paper)
"Does the Exchange Rate Respond to Monetary Policy in Emerging Markets? Evidence from Mexico" (Submitted)
"Price and Quantity Effects of Monetary Policy Actions and Statements in an Emerging Economy," Working Paper, 2020.
"Do Banks Hedge Their Return on Assets from Monetary Policy Shocks?" Working Paper, 2019.
"Stock Returns and the Drivers of Portfolio Equity Flows in Emerging Markets," Working Paper, 2019.
"The Structure of the Mexican Interbank Market," Working Paper, 2013.
"The Impact of Macroeconomic Surprises from Mexico and the U.S. on the Mexican Stock Market," with Rodolfo Cermeno Bazan, Economía Mexicana, 2012, 35-67. [In Spanish]


2020 - Southern Finance Association 60th Annual Meeting, Johns Hopkins University
2019 - Banco de Mexico (Financial Stability Division), Johns Hopkins University
2015 - FSB Regional Consultative Group for the Americas (Key Attributes Workshop)
2014 - Deutsche Bundesbank (Centre for Technical Central Bank Cooperation)
2013 - Banco de Mexico (Financial Stability Division)

Professional Experience:

Research Intern, Financial Stability Division, Banco de Mexico, 2019
Senior Research Analyst, Financial Stability Division, Banco de Mexico, 2010-2015
Fixed Income Analyst, Middle Office, Banorte (Brokerage Firm), 2009-2010
Intern, Insurance and Pensions Division, Mexican Ministry of Finance, 2006-2007


Certificate from the Johns Hopkins Teaching Academy, October 2020
Elements of Macroeconomics, Summer 2018/2019, Instructor
Macroeconomics, Fall 2010/Spring 2012, Instructor
Financial Markets and Institutions, Fall 2020, TA
Macroeconomic Strategies, Spring 2020, TA
Economics of Transition and Institutional Change, Spring 2020, TA
Econometrics, Spring/Fall 2019, TA
Economics for Decision Making, Fall 2018/2019, TA
International Monetary Economics, Spring 2018, TA
Monetary Analysis, Fall 2017, TA
Computational Methods (Graduate), Spring 2017, TA
Finance and the Macroeconomy, Spring 2017, TA
Elements of Macroeconomics, Fall 2016/2018, TA


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Professor Gregory Duffee -
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