Osama Khan

Osama Khan

PhD Candidate 2019-2020

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Thesis Title: "Essays in Public Choice & Political Competition"  - Download Abstract (PDF)

Fields: Political Economy, Public Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Main Advisor: Robert Moffitt


"Campaign Contributions, Advertising & Electoral Success" (Job Market Paper)

"The impact of advertising on voting and abstention: Analysis using Dirichlet Regression" 

"Monotone Equilibria in Political Competition Games" 

"Inequality Aversion in Social Welfare Functions

"State Independence without Independence


Instructor: Elements of Microeconomics, Summer 2018-19

Instructor: Elements of Macroeconomics, Summer 2016

Teaching Assistant: Elements of Macroeconomics, Fall 2015

Teaching Assistant: Elements of Microeconomics, Spring 2016, 2019  

Teaching Assistant: Economics of Poverty & Inequality, Fall 2016

Teaching Assistant: Graduate Game theory, Spring 2017

Teaching Assistant: Graduate Microeconomic theory, Fall 2017

Teaching Assistant: Social Policy implications of Behavioral Economics, Spring 2018

Teaching Assistant: Mathematical Economics: Fall 2018

Teaching Assistant: Economic Development, Fall 2018, 2019


Professor Robert Moffitt  - rmoffit@jhu.edu

Professor Ying Chen - ying.chen@jhu.edu

Professor Richard Spady - rspady@jhu.edu