Mingzuo Sun

Mingzuo Sun

PhD Candidate 2023-2024

Curriculum Vitae
Wyman Park Building 544E
(410) 710-9716
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"Two-way Capital Flow Management in Emerging Markets" (job market paper)

"Dominant Drivers of Current Account Dynamics"

"Dollar Borrowing Capacity and Exchange Rate Dynamics: A Tale of Two Economies"

"Hospital Run"

Other Activity:

2023 IMF Internship


Elements of Macroeconomics Fall 2019 TA
Corporate Finance Spring 2020 TA
Urban Economics Spring 2020 TA
Monetary Analysis Fall 2020 TA
Macroeconomic Theory Spring 2021 TA
Investment-Portfolio Management Fall 2021 TA
Macroeconomic Theory Spring 2022 TA
Econometrics Fall 2022 TA
Macroeconomic Theory Spring 2023 TA
Financial Markets and Institutions Fall 2023 TA


Professor Olivier Jeanne - ojeanne@jhu.edu
Professor Greg Duffee - duffee@jhu.edu
Professor Alessandro Rebucci - arebucci@jhu.edu
Senior Economist (IMF) Jaewoo Lee - jlee3@imf.org

Main Advisor: Olivier Jeanne

Thesis Title: "Essays on Capital Flows and Exchange Rates" (Download Abstract)

Fields: International Macro