Mateo Velasquez-Giraldo

Mateo Velasquez-Giraldo

PhD Candidate 2023-2024
Curriculum Vitae
Wyman Park Building 544E
(702) 849-8803
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"Life-Cycle Portfolio Choices and Heterogeneous Stock Market Expectations" (job market paper)

"Genetic Endowments, Income Dynamics, and Wealth Accumulation Over the Lifecycle"

"Fading Memory, Disagreement, and Asset Price Dynamics"

"Using Subjective Beliefs Data to Characterize Heterogeneity: A Machine Learning Approach"

"Portfolio Choice with Risky Housing"

Other Activity:

NBER Dissertation Fellow in Behavioral Macroeconomics, 2022-2023 and 2023-2024.
Federal Reserve Board Dissertation Fellow, Summer 2023.

Conference and Presentations:

2023: and upcoming: Fed Board MA-Lunch, LACEA-LAMES, International Economic Association, ASSA.
2022: Cherry Blossom Financial Education Institute, Behavioral Macroeconomics Workshop, NBER-SI Aging, LACEA-LAMES
2021: Summer School in Dynamic Structural Econometrics, LACEA-LAMES, Frontiers in Economic Analysis with Genetic Data


(Graduate) Macroeconomic Theory I. Fall 2019, 2020 and 2021. TA.
(Graduate) Statistical Inference. Fall 2019. TA.
(Graduate, short workshop) Parallel Computing Workshop. Spring 2021. Instructor.
(Undergraduate) Elements of Macroeconomics. Spring 2022. TA.
(Undergraduate) Debates in Macroeconomics. Spring 2021. TA.


Professor Christopher D. Carroll -
Professor Nicholas W. Papageorge -
Professor Francesco Bianchi -

Main Advisor: Christopher D. Carroll

Thesis Title: "Essays on Saving and Portfolio Choices" (Download Abstract)

Fields: Household Finance, Behavioral Macroeconomics, Computational Economics