Huan Deng

Huan Deng

PhD Candidate 2023-2024
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Wyman Park Building 544E
(410) 725-5394
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"Gender Inequality from a Spatial Perspective: Location Choice, Marriage Matching, and Labor Supply" (job market paper)

"Structural Analysis of Xenophobia" (with Yujung Hwang)

"Causal Effects of Housing Demolition Program in China on Migration and Labor Supply" (in progress)

"Examine the Drivers of Xenophobic Behavior: A Signaling Game Analysis with Empirical Evidence from Media Influence" (with Yujung Hwang)


Market Design Fall 2023 TA
Elements of Microeconomics Spring 2023 TA
Elements of Microeconomics Fall 2022 TA
Elements of Microeconomics Spring 2022 TA
Economics of Health Fall 2021 TA
Economics of Discrimination Spring 2021 TA
Elements of Microeconomics Spring 2020 TA
Consumer & Producer Theory Fall 2019 TA
General Equilibrium Theory Fall 2019 TA


Professor Yujung Hwang -
Professor Robert Moffitt -
Professor Yingyao Hu -

Main Advisor: Yujung Hwang

Thesis Title: "Essays on Labor Economics" (Download Abstract)

Fields: Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, Political Economy