Fangzhu Yang

Fangzhu Yang

PhD Candidate 2023-2024
Curriculum Vitae
Wyman Park Building 544E
(415) 202-4815
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"Gender Inequality, Household Bargaining, and Social Welfare: A Structural Analysis of China's Two-Child Policy Using Machine Learning" (job market paper)

"Fostering Entrepreneurship through Crowdfunding: What Drives Local Biases?"

"Product Design Using Generative Adversarial Network: An Application in Artistic Template Design"

"How Do Racial Filters in Online Dating Apps Change Racial Homogamy?"

"Estimation of Treatment Effects of the One-Child Policy Using Self-Reported Information"

"Estimation of Dynamic Models with Unobserved State Variables by Reinforcement Learning"

Other Activity:

Conference presentation: 4th Annual DC-MD-VA Econometrics Workshop; 43rd ISMS Marketing Science Conference Virtual Conference; 2022 China India Insights Conference; 2023 Pennsylvania Economic Association Conference

Award: Clarence M. Guggenheimer Award, Johns Hopkins University

Referee: Econometric Reviews


Econometrics Fall 2023 TA
Economics of Poverty/Inequality Spring 2023 TA
Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa Fall 2022 TA
Gender Economics Fall 2022 TA
Gender Economics Spring 2022 TA
Econometrics Fall 2021 TA
Market Design Spring 2021 TA
Economics of Matching Spring 2021 TA
Microeconomic Theory Fall 2020 TA
Elements of Microeconomics Spring 2020 TA
Microeconomic Theory Fall 2019 TA


Professor Yingyao Hu -
Professor Yujung Hwang -
Professor Robert Moffitt -

Main Advisor: Yingyao Hu

Thesis Title: "Essays on Causal Inference and Structural Estimation of China’s Family Planning Policies Using Machine Learning" (Download Abstract)

Fields: Labor economics, family economics, applied micro-econometrics, machine learning