Derin Aksit

Derin Aksit

PhD Candidate 2020-2021

Wyman 544E
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Thesis Title: "Essays on Unconventional Monetary Policies"  - Download Abstract (PDF)

Fields: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Financial Economics

Main Advisor: Prof. Jonathan Wright

"How to Model Forward Guidance and Address a Larger Puzzle" (Job Market Paper)
"Unconventional Monetary Policy Surprises: Delphic or Odyssean?" (Second Chapter)
"Identification of the Forward Guidance and QE Surprises in the UK" (Third Chapter)
"Breaking the Zero Lower Bound Period: The Shift Across Two Unconventional Policies" Economics Letters, (2021)

Professional Experience:
Dissertation Fellow, Research Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 2020
PhD Intern, Monetary and Financial Conditions Division, Bank of England, 2018
Research Assistant and Contributor, Econ-ARK Project, 2017

Eugenio and Patricia Castillo Award, for the best performance in the first two years of the PhD program, Johns Hopkins University, 2017
Departmental Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University, 2015-Present
Valedictorian, Bilkent University, 2015

Conference and Seminar Presentations:
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Research Department Seminar: Nov 2020
Southern Economic Association Meeting, Graduate Student Session (Invited): Nov 2020
Washington University in St. Louis, Graduate Student Conference: Nov 2020
Johns Hopkins University, Macro Seminar: Nov 2017, Oct 2018, Apr 2020, Sep 2020
European Economic Association Annual Congress: Aug 2020
Western Economic Association International Annual Conference: Jun 2020
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Finance Brown Bag Seminar: Mar 2020
Bank of England, Macro-Finance Brown Bag Seminar: Aug 2018

Elements of Macroeconomics: Summer 2019, Summer 2017 (Instructor)
Investments & Portfolio Management: Fall 2020 (TA)
Macroeconomic Theory: Spring 2020 (TA)
Elements of Macroeconomics: Fall 2019, Fall 2016 (TA)
Econometrics: Spring 2019, Fall 2017 (TA)
Monetary Analysis: Fall 2018 (TA)
Corporate Finance: Spring 2018, Spring 2017 (TA)

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Professor Olivier Jeanne -
Professor Gregory Duffee -