Aniruddha Ghosh

Aniruddha Ghosh

PhD Candidate 2023-2024
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"Robust Comparative Statics with Misspecified Bayesian Learning" (Job Market Paper)

"On Existence of Berk-Nash Equilibria in Misspecified Markov Decision Processes with Infinite Spaces" with Robert Anderson, Haosui Duanmu, and M.A. Khan (2023), Submitted

"Separately convex and separately continuous preferences: On results of Shafer and Bergstrom-Parks-Rider" with M.A. Khan, and M. Uyanık (2023), Submitted

"Continuity postulates and solvability axioms in economic theory and in mathematical psychology: A consolidation of the theory of individual choice", Theory and Decision, 94(2), 189-210, with M.A. Khan, and M. Uyanık (2022)

"The Intermediate Value Theorem and Decision-Making in Psychology and Economics: An Expositional Consolidation", Games, 13(4), 51 with M.A. Khan, and M. Uyanık (2022)

"On a diversity of perspectives and world views: Learning under Bayesian vis-á-vis DeGroot updating", Economics Letters, 202, 109839, with M.A. Khan (2021)

Other Activity:

Oskar Morgenstern Research Sequence Fellowship, Mercatus Center, 2022-2023
Oskar Morgenstern Fellowship, Mercatus Center, 2021-2022


180.102 Elements of Microeconomics 2019 Fall
180.104 Seminars in Financial Literacy 2023 Intersession
180.246 Environmental Economics 2023 Spring
180.314 Mathematical Economics 2019 Spring, 2020 Spring, 2021 Spring
180.347 Macroeconomic Thinking, 1936-2020, Evolution or Devolution 2022 Spring
180.600 PhD. Level Mathematical Reasoning and Thinking in Economics 2020 Fall, 2021 Fall
180.601/603 PhD. Level General Equilibrium Theory 2020 Fall, 2021 Fall, 2022 Fall


Prof. M. Ali Khan -
Prof. Ying Chen -
Prof. Robert M. Anderson -
Prof. Robert J. Barbera -

Main Advisor: M. Ali Khan

Thesis Title: "Essays in Learning and Decision Theory" (Download Abstract)

Fields: Microeconomic theory, Statistical theory, Networks