Andreea Rotarescu

Andreea Rotarescu

PhD Candidate 2021-2022

Wyman Park Building 544E
(443) 371-1244
(410) 516-7600
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Main Advisor: Olivier Jeanne

Thesis Title: "Essays on Productivity, Business Dynamism, and the Fallout from Financial Crises"

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Fields: Macroeconomics, Productivity and Growth, Firm Dynamics, International Finance


"Productivity slowdown and firm exit: The ins and outs of banking crises" (job market paper)

"Sectoral adjustment and internal devaluation in the Euro area" (with Olivier Jeanne)

"Business dynamism and productivity in recessions and recoveries"


Rethinking Economics After the Great Recession : Fall 2019-Fall 2021 (TA)
Financial Writing and Analysis : Fall 2019-Fall 2021 (TA)
International Monetary Economics : Spring 2018 (TA)
Elements of Macroeconomics : Fall 2017 (TA)


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