Creating Beamer slides with WinEdt/MiKTeX or Scientific Word

Every computer in the lab contains a free LaTeX distribution, MiKTeX, as well as the WinEdt text processor, which is linked to this distribution. The MiKTeX distribution includes the Beamer presentation package, which enables you to design slides in LaTeX.

NOTE on recommended software: If you would like to have software installed on your home computer, similar to the one in the lab, please refer to the following links:

Basic Steps for Learning LaTeX with WinEdt and MiKTeX

  • Launch WinEdt from Start-Programs.
  • Since WinEdt is preconfigured to use MiKTeX (LaTeX), you can already start to create a basic Tex file/document. For a GOOD introduction to LaTeX programming and syntax, please read this manual (a hard copy is available in the computer lab shelves – check the black folder). Alternatively, you can refer to LaTeX for Complete Novices.
  • A complementary tutorial will teach you how to use WinEdt and MiKTeX – WinEdt-MiKTeX tutorial. Please visit also for the latest information when working on TeX projects

Using Beamer with WinEdt and MiKTeX

Beamer allows you to create slides in LaTeX. NOTE that you don’t need to retype your equations if you already have the original Tex document (simply copy and paste the relevant LaTeX code).

Beamer resources are available below:

Using Beamer with Scientific Word

Go to File – New to open a new document, select Other Documents- Slides-Beamer. To produce a PDF, click on Typeset – Preview PDF.