EconLab Policies

This section is important. Please read and follow these guidelines when using the lab. Repeated failure to do so could result in loss of lab privileges.

I. General Computer Use

  • When you are finished using a machine, please remember to log yourself off.
  • No software is to be added or removed from the lab machines. If you would like to see some particular piece or type of software added to the lab machines, please email Humphrey Muturi or the computer liaison.
  • The computer lab machines are not to be used for long-term file storage. Your files are not guaranteed to be safe on any of the lab machines. USB flash drives and/or external USB hard drives are your best choice. Each student can request an individual storage folder of up to 2GB for school related work on the department servers. If you feel you need additional long-term storage for a special project, please speak with the computer liaison.
  • The printers in the computer lab are intended for those printing class papers, research papers, or other items related directly to school work. Please do not waste paper and toner. Also, if you are printing out drafts of papers please remember to use double-sided mode to save on paper.

II. Computer Room Behavior

  • Since the computer lab is intended for students actively doing work, please try to behave accordingly. This includes keeping conversations held in the lab to computer related issues and at a low volume. Please try to hold other conversations elsewhere.
  • For the same reason outlined above, if you are just “browsing the web” or checking your email, please use the computers in the common areas.

III. Computer Room Upkeep

  • Please try to keep the computer room as clean as possible. This includes not leaving stray paper laying around on the tables or in the printer output tray.
  • Limit your eating and drinking in the lab (cups without lids are not allowed). Food garbage MUST be cleaned up after consumption. All users are expected to clean up after themselves. If cups of any kind are found unattended or trash removal becomes a problem, food and drink will not be allowed it the lab.