This section contains information on how to perform common tasks in the EconLab. If you would like to suggest the inclusion of more, please send an email to Humphrey Muturi or the computer liaison.


Obtaining an account for the department network

All registered economics graduate students are assigned an account (user name and password) through the JHU Enterprise Directory (JHED). These same credentials are used for the economics computer lab access. If you are having problems logging to the lab computers please contact computer liaison..

Please see the section Setting up your Johns Hopkins user and email account for additional information.

Logging on and off the department network

To use the PC’s in the lab you must have a valid JHED account. To bring up the logon screen you may need to press <ctrl>-<alt>-<del> simultaneously. Please note that passwords are case sensitive. When you are finished with a machine please be sure to log off. To do so, click on the “Start” button on the taskbar at the lower left corner of the screen and then look for the “Log Off” option.  You can log off also by pressing <ctrl>-<alt>-<del> simultaneously and then choosing the “log off” option.


There is a printing allowance of 400 pages ($12) per month allocated to everyone using the computer lab. Anything above that is charged as follows: 3c/page for printing pages 400 through 600 and 6c/page for anything above 600 pages. In the beginning of each month during the school year (September through May) all printing accounts get credited with $12. The unused portion of the balance for any given month accumulates through the school year and can be used any time by the beginning of the next school year. At that time all accounts revert back to the initial $12 for the first month. Anyone who has a negative balance that has not been paid as of the beginning of the school year is supposed to pay that balance before the school year begins again.

There are two printers available for use in the lab. At times it may be necessary to switch between printers either to choose a different one with different capabilities or because one is in use. To do so you typically only need to select a different printer from the options box on the print menu. You can also change your default printer by clicking on the “Start” button then “Settings” and then “Printers”. To set a printer as default, right-click on the printer and select “Set as Default”.

It is also useful to print double-sided at times. If you are printing out drafts, web pages or working papers please use double-sided mode to conserve paper. To do so, you first need to select the “HP Laserjet” printer. Then select “Properties”. Typically you will then be presented with a choice of Duplexing options including none, flip short side and flip long side. You will usually want to select “flip long side”.

Network Storage

Each student can request an individual storage folder of up to 5GB for school related work only on the department servers. If you feel you need additional long-term storage for a special project, please speak with Humphrey Muturi or the computer liaison.

The home address of the network folder is \\stella\grad_users, which is widely known as the “H drive” (It is worth knowing that depending on the drives on different computers, this network drive can be assigned a different letter by windows). You can add its path to the department computer so that it will appear in the “Network Location” when you open “Computer”. To do this, right click “Computer” in the “Start Menu”, choose “Map network drive…”, and type in \\stella\grad_users.

Accessing your department account from a remote location

  1. Sign in to the JHU Portal at Scroll down to Technology then click on VPN and follow the Getting Started on the next page. [Johns Hopkins Azure MFA/VPN Enrollment]
  2. Once you are connected for Windows 10 right click on My PC and choose “Map Network Drive”.
  3. In the Folder field, enter the following path: \\\grad_users\YourFolderName. For Mac users, you can refer to these instructions.
  4. In the same window, click where it says “Connect using a different username”
  5. In the new window, enter your username as “win\Your_JHED_Username” and your JHED password; click OK
  6. Click Finish; your personal folder on the department server should now be mapped and accessible from Windows Explorer