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Professor Robert Moffitt appointed Chair of the AEA Committee on Government Relations

Professor Robert Moffitt has been appointed by the President of the American Economic Association, Christopher Sims, to be Chair of the AEA Committee on Government Relations. The Committee represents the interests of the economics profession in Washington, D.C. and around the country.

2011 JHU Department of Economics Newsletter


General Department News, Faculty News, Graduate Student News, Alumni News, Hope to see you in Chicago in the December 2011 newsletter

Professor Christopher Carroll on the Board of Directors of the NBER

Professor Christopher Carroll recently began a five year term as a member of the Board of Directors of the NBER. He is the representative, on the NBER Board, of the American Statistical Association.

John Quiggin – Euro Crisis’s Enabler: The Central Bank – NYTimes

John Quiggin, the Hinkley Visiting Professor for 2011 published an opinion piece on the European crisis in the New York Times of November 9. Professor Quiggin placed much of the blame for the crisis on the restrictive policies of the European Central Bank, and particularly its outgoing president Jean-Claude Trichet.  Quiggin argued that the ECB […]

2011/2012 Job Market Candidates

Meet our 2011/2012 Job Market Candidates: Daniel Barth, James Lake, Brian Phelan, Jon Samuels, Rodrigo Sekkel, Weifeng Wu

Conference – Unawareness: Conceptualization and Modeling

Saturday, October 29, 2011, 8:30 am Organizing Committee: Edi Karni, Johns Hopkins University; Simon Grant, University of Queensland; John Quiggin, University of Queensland. View the conference webpage

Professor Larry Ball Testifies Before the Joint Economic Committee

Professor Larry Ball testified on September 20th before the Joint Economic Committee on “Federal Debt and the U.S. Economy.” Written testimony is available as a PDF download, and video is available in C-SPAN archives.