2013-2014 Professor Joel Dean Undergraduate Teaching Awards Announced

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Congratulations to Alanna Bjorklund, Ryan Bush, Liuchun Deng, Christopher Martin, and Terrance Oey, the winners of the 2013-2014 Professor Joel Dean Undergraduate Teaching Awards. These awards are given annually to those graduate students who have shown excellence as a teaching assistant or instructor in the undergraduate economics program. The award was initiated by Joel and Monia Dean and generously funded by the Joel Dean Foundation created by Professor Dean in 1957.

The awards are based on comments from the undergraduates on their Teaching Assistants.   Alanna Bjorklund was called “very conscientious and approachable,” “willing to help students one-on-one,” and “her lecturing and explanations are very clear and organized.”  Ryan Bush “goes out of his way to help us,” “answers all his emails and our questions super fast,” and “is a fantastic teacher.”   Liuchun Deng “is a fantastic TA,” “incredibly organized and clear in his explanations of course material,” and “makes difficult concepts easy to understand.”  Chris Martin exhibited “exceptional teaching and care for his students,” found “numerous different ways of teaching the same material,” and was “the most unbelievably dedicated teacher I have ever met.”  And Terrance Oey was “always helpful and understanding,”  gave “great class studying tips and other useful advice,” and was “by far the best TA I have had.”   Congratulations again to these students who have gone the extra mile in their undergraduate teaching.