List of Advisors

Director of Undergraduate Studies for Economics: Bruce Hamilton

Adviser for declaring majors, declaring minors, and introduction to the Economics Department: Bruce Hamilton

Class Advisers:

Sophomore Adviser: Barbara Morgan (Mergenthaler 286)
Junior Adviser:  Olivier Jeanne (Mergenthaler 454)
Senior and open Adviser: Bruce Hamilton (Mergenthaler 430A)

Becoming an Economics Major

If you go straight from being an Undeclared major to an Economics major at the end of your freshman year, Academic Advising will assign an advisor to you, and you don’t need to do any paperwork through the department.

If you switch from another major, or add Economics as a second major, you will need to meet with Professor Hamilton (Director of Undergraduate Studies for Economics), who will assign you an advisor.

Even if you do not NEED to visit Professor Hamilton when you become an Economics major, it is a good idea to stop in for a first visit. No need for an appointment; just show up during Professor Hamilton’s office hours or catch him when he is having coffee in the Gilman Atrium.

Once ISIS knows that you are an economics major, your advising will be done with your assigned academic advisor. You will need to meet with him/her each semester to get cleared for online registration.

NOTE: If you are a double major, ISIS will not allow you to register online until you have been cleared by BOTH departmental advisors.