Undergraduate Profiles

Yuxuan “Lily” Zhu ‘16


“I learned that economics is not only about “wealth”, but also a way of thinking rationally about our daily life. Mastering economics techniques can help us make decisions more easily, and interpret what happens around us more insightfully."

As a transfer student from China, Yuxuan Zhu was determined to hone her critical thinking and independent research skills. “Hopkins is just right. Research opportunities are what finally brought me to Hopkins.” Still, Lily is attempting a lot, with double majors in Economics and Psychology, and minors in Financial Economics and Applied Math. What are […]

Christina Yuan ‘15


“My interest in economics really developed while I was taking Professor Bertrand’s International Trade course. I realized that in addition to offering technical skills, my economics classes offered me the opportunity to connect theory with practical applications."

Christina Yuan was attracted to Johns Hopkins for its strong International Studies program, and the opportunities it offered both inside and outside of the classroom. She ended up majoring in Economics as well. “My interest in economics really developed while I was taking Professor Bertrand’s International Trade course. I realized that in addition to offering […]

Kenko Ueyama ‘15


“Choose classes carefully, and develop yourself professionally. I learned most and enjoyed classes that were taught by engaging professors, regardless of the topic or difficulty. In addition, I pursued internships in different industries every summer to gain work experience. Those two factors made the whole experience much more rewarding, and gave me a better idea of what I wanted to pursue after graduation.”

Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Kenko Ueyama chose to study at Johns Hopkins because of its challenging academics and excellent courses offered in social science, recently graduating with a double major in Economics and International Studies.. Why economics? “Economics offers a practical understanding of how the world works, which will be useful in any profession I […]

Benjamin Tsoi ‘15


"After taking a few core economic courses at Hopkins, I realized the analytical frameworks that applied equally to global markets and individual decision-making resonated with me in a way other disciplines did not.”

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Benjamin Tsoi wanted to attend college outside of the City. “Johns Hopkins was very appealing because it is a reputable, medium-sized school that has an emphasis on providing students with engaging elective courses and research opportunities. “ Benjamin graduate with majors in Economics and East Asian Studies and […]

Molly McGlone ‘15


“Get to know your professors, TAs and advisors. They are great resources for helping you to understand class material, but they also can help you frame what kind of work and/or research you want to do with your Economics degree in the future.”

Growing up in Baltimore, Molly McGlone was well aware of Hopkins international reputation in the public health field. After initially wanting to double major in Public Health and Economics, she chose to simply major in Economics to allow herself the flexibility to study abroad and take classes in multiple departments in both the Engineering school […]

Victoria Marlin ‘15


“I had a closed-minded view that economics equals finance. But my favorite economics classes - Economics of Discrimination, International Monetary Economics and Economics of Health - had great and engaging professors, and opened my eyes to other aspects of economics. Taking economics has given me the theoretical and quantitative understanding of many of the world’s biggest problems, and potential solutions."

What led Victoria Marlin to study at Johns Hopkins? “I actually applied early. I loved Hopkins from the moment I visited it. I had good friends from high school that went to Hopkins. I wanted to have a campus but also be in a city, and Hopkins was one of few schools that offered that. […]

Jonathan Lowrey ‘15


“Economics requires you to take a logical framework and apply intuitive reasoning to determine outcomes, a thought process that has been invaluable in my engineering courses. Economics is not about money, but decisions. Once you start looking beyond dollar signs, economic thinking can provide insight into almost any problem you come across.”

Hailing from California, Jonathan Lowrey was excited to attend college on the other side of the country. He liked Baltimore on his first visit, and was attracted to Hopkins because it presented a wide range of academic pursuits. His original plan was to major in BioMedical Engineering, but along the way he also picked up […]

Peter Huether ‘15


 “In the major, you will learn how to critically analyze issues and use statistical methods to discern causal effects. I learned how to measure the effects of public policies using econometric research. Take more math than required if you want to do economic research, but also explore the other social sciences such as political science and sociology.”

Peter Huether traveled the short distance from his home in New Jersey to Hopkins because “I liked the atmosphere when I visited and how focused and driven the students seemed to be. I also liked Hopkins’ research emphasis.” Peter chose to combine Economics with the new major in Global Environmental Change & Sustainability. “I knew […]

Jessica Fong ‘15


“Go to TA office hours—all the Econ TAs are super helpful and will really provide all the resources they can for you to do well. You just need to ask for the help.”

Jessica Fong originally chose Hopkins to purse the International Studies Major. Later, she decided to add Economics as a second major. “After taking Elements of Macro I began to think an Economics major both interesting and doable. It made a sensible and strong pairing with the International Studies major. Overall, in my course of study, […]

Nathan Choe ‘15


“Economics has really helped me look at things from a logical and analytical point-of-view….making decisions became about not just what feels right, but also thinking about the costs and benefits of a course of action.”

This Spring Nathan Choe graduated from Johns Hopkins with a major in Economics. “I had heard a lot of good things about the Economics department here at JHU. It has a new, budding finance minor, interesting courses and accessible professors that I knew would push and challenge me.” Nathan particularly enjoyed an innovative class entitled […]