Yingyao Hu


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My research focuses on micro-econometrics and its applications in industrial organization and labor economics. My recent papers investigate the nonparametric identification and estimation of non-classical measurement error models, and extend these results to models with unobserved heterogeneity or unobserved state variables in industrial organization and labor economics.

Identification of semiparametric measurement error models (with Ji-Liang Shiu)

Estimation of a linear index model with a mismeasured endogenous variable (with Ji-Liang Shiu and Tiemen Woutersen)

Estimating dynamic models with unobserved state variables (with Matthew Shum)

Instrumental variable estimation of nonlinear models with nonclassical measurement error using control variates (with Jinyong Hahn and Geert Ridder)

Estimation of production functions with robustness against errors in the proxy variables (with Guofang Huang)

Occupation choices and measurement errors (with Stephen Shore and Ruli Xiao)

180.633 (Graduate Econometrics)

180.638 (Graduate Mirco-econometrics II)