Liuchun Deng

PhD Candidate 2016-2017

Wyman 544E
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Thesis Title: "Specialization Dynamics"  - Download Abstract (PDF)

Fields: International trade, economic growth, economics of networks

Main Advisor: Pravin Krishna (co-chair), M. Ali Khan (co-chair)


"Specialization Dynamics, Convergence, and Idea Flows" (job market paper)

"Product Cycles in the Product Space" (second chapter, in progress)

"Input Diffusion and Specialization Dynamics" (third chapter, in progress)

"On Growing through Cycles: Matsuyama's M-map and Li-Yorke Chaos", with M. Ali Khan, 2016, Working Paper.

"The Allocation Puzzle and Economic Regimes: Evidence from China", with Boqun Wang, Economics Letters, 2016, 141C, 80-83.

"Policy Reform Package and Status Quo Bias", 2013, Working Paper.

"Regional Capital Flows in China: Mobility, Direction, and Regime Change", with Boqun Wang, in progress.

"A Tale of Two Forms of Decentralization: Volatility and Economic Regimes", with Shiyu Bo, Yufeng Sun, and Boqun Wang, in progress.

"Criminal Network Formation and Optimal Detection Policy: The Role of Cascade of Detection", with Yufeng Sun, 2016, Working Paper.

"The Effects of Local Elections on National Military Spending: A Cross-country Study", with Yufeng Sun, Defence and Peace Economics, forthcoming.


Midwest International Trade Meeting, Purdue University, 2016.
Annual PhD Conference in Economics, University of Leicester, 2016.
Southern Economic Association Annual Conference *2 (graduate student invited session and regular session), Washington DC, 2016.
Washington DC Trade Study Group, Washington DC, 2016.
Brown Bag Seminar, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, 2016.
Seminar, Department of Economics, Towson University, 2016.
Economics Graduate Students Conference, Washington University in St. Louis, 2016.
Annual Workshop on Networks in Trade and Finance, University of Arkansas, 2016.
Rimini Conference in Economics and Finance, Balsillie School of International Affairs, 2016.
European Trade Study Group Annual Conference, Aalto University, 2016.
International Conference on Economics of Global Interactions, University of Bari, 2016
International Conference on Game Theory, Stony Brook University, 2016.
SAET Annual Conference, IMPA, 2016.
Annual Conference on Network Science and Economics, Stanford University, 2016.
Eastern Economic Association Annual Conference, Washington DC, 2016.
Association for Public Economic Theory Conference, FGV/EPGE, 2016.
General Equilibrium Days, University of York, 2013.


International Economic Review, International Journal of Economic Theory, International Journal of Game Theory, Social Choice and Welfare

Research Assistant:

Prof. Heiwai Tang (JHU SAIS), Jul 2015 - Present
Profs. Pravin Krishna and Mine Senses (JHU SAIS), Mar 2013 - Present
Prof. Christopher Carroll (JHU), Dec 2012 - Feb 2013
Prof. Miaojie Yu (Peking University), Jun 2010 - Aug 2010


Certificate, Summer Teaching Institute, JHU, May 2015.
Math Camp (Graduate), Summer 2016, Instructor
Math Camp (Graduate), Summer 2015, Co-Instructor (with Metin Uyanik)
International Trade, Summer 2014, Instructor
Elements of Microeconomics, Spring 2014, 2015, 2016, TA
Microeconomic Theory (Graduate), Fall 2014, 2015, 2016, TA
Microeconomic Theory (Graduate), Fall 2016, TA
Global Strategy (MBA & EMBA), Spring 2014, TA
Microeconomic Theory, Fall 2013, TA
International Monetary Economics, Spring 2013, TA
Math Methods in Economics (Graduate), Fall 2012, TA


Professor Pravin Krishna -
Professor M. Ali Khan -
Professor Heiwai Tang -