Elena Krasnokutskaya

Assistant Professor

Wyman Park Building 555
Monday 9:30-10:30 a.m. or by appointment
Personal Website


My research is on the empirical analysis of imperfectly competitive markets. Most of my work focuses on auction markets and deals with evaluating effectiveness of specific auction mechanisms in promoting auction participation, maximizing the auctioneer's revenue, or matching seller to buyer on the basis of the seller's characteristics (e.g. quality or location) and the buyer's willingness to pay for these characteristics. I have also made methodological contributions to the literature analyzing the estimation of auction models in the presence of unobserved object characteristics. In non-auction part of my research I analyze firms' product choices and subsequent pricing decisions in the environment with strategic interactions among firms and government regulation of product properties. In one study, I use this framework to assess the impact of government regulation on the portfolios offered by pension funds, their prices, social welfare, and on government liabilities in the Chilean privatized pension system.

Please see my personal website for a list of research papers.