Delong Li

PhD Candidate 2017-2018

Wyman 544E
Curriculum Vitae
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Thesis Title: "Essays on Corporate Investment and Macroeconomics"  - Download Abstract (PDF)

Fields: Macroeconomics, Corporate Finance, International Finance, Financial Development

Main Advisor: Jonathan Wright


"Uncertainty, Financial Frictions, and Investment Sensitivity to Cash Flow" (Job Market Paper)

"Financial Shocks and Corporate Investment in Emerging Markets" (with Nicolas E. Magud and Fabian Valencia, submitted, previous version published as IMF Working Paper WP/15/285)

"On Bank Consolidation in a Currency Union" (with Fabio Di Vittorio and Hanlei Yun)

"Global Leverage Cycles" (with Nicolas E. Magud and Carlos A. Vegh, in progress)

"Financial Development and Corporate Investment in Mexico" (with Alejandro M. Werner, in progress)

"Spillovers and Exchange-rate Regimes" (with Esteban R. Vesperoni, in progress)


Elements of Macroeconomics, Fall 2017, TA
Corporate Finance, Spring 2016, 2017, TA
Monetary Analysis, Fall 2014, 2015, 2016, TA
Financial Markets and Institutions, Spring 2015, TA
Elements of Microeconomics, Spring 2014, TA
Mathematical Methods (PhD level), Fall 2013, TA

Professional Experience:

Project Officer, International Monetary Fund (RES), Spring 2016
Fund Internship Program, International Monetary Fund (WHD), Summer 2015
Wealth-Management Internship, HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited, Summer 2011
Quantitative Analyst, Guanghua-Harvest Institute of Investment, 2010-2011


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